Cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar industry threat. In 2019, 3.5 billion dollars were lost in the US alone, to cyber crimes. And yet, even today, basic cyber security protocols are frequently not followed.  Small, medium, and large businesses alike often fall prey to the "it won't happen to me", or "who would want to target us" mentality. 

A large amount of password cracking programs are available, and it has been demonstrated time and time again that even children can hack into "secure" networks. 

  • How does your business protect itself from cyber threats? 
  • Are you prepared for a ransomwear attack? 
  • Do you screen your employees with routine or rigorous background checks? 
  • Has your network been tested against cyber intrusion? Recently?
  • Are your employees trained on what is okay, and not okay, to release publicly?
  • These basic questions, and many more complex topics should be addressed by your company frequently.
At simply Complex, our team of cyber experts are here to serve your business. We take the guess work out of your equations, and provide you with positive solutions, that minimize risks and costs associated with cyber intrusions.